Event Portfolio

A Sampling of Our Recent Projects


Total Attendance: 20,000+

Last Event: November 15, 2014

FotoWeekDC + FotoBazaar

Starting in 2014, BYT took over the curating and production of FotoweekDC, a city-wide, 60+ cultural partner, biggest photography celebration in DC. Hosting a

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Total Attendance (Three Seasons): 20,000+

Last Event: November 14, 2014

American Museum of Natural History – NYC

BYT is now in its third season of One Step Beyond, a monthly DJ night at the American Museum of Natural History in

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Total Attendance: 12,000

Last Event: October 5, 2014

The Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival

Three editions in, the Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival has taken over no fewer than 20 venues and brought close to 100 comedians to the

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Attendance: 10,000

Date: September 13, 2014

Snallygaster 2014

For the gargantuan beer festival’s third year, Neighborhood Restaurant Group brought BYT on as a production and entertainment partner. The massive event hosted 10,000

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Total Attendance: 2,100

Last Event: June 25, 2014

SocialRadar Launch Parties

SocialRader, an application by the founders of BlackBoard, which allows its users to see who in your network is attending the same conference or

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Attendance: 2,200

Date: June 13, 2014

National Geographic After Hours

In a unique partnership with National Geographic, when given unprecedented access to their entire campus, BYT creates a summer after-hours museum experience unlike any

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